Internship Opportunities

The DSNNN offers many interning opportunities through the University of Nevada, Reno. When you intern with the DSNNN, you will help create new programs and promote existing programs for our organization. Interns enjoy contributing to programs like Sibshops and Medical Outreach. We take into consideration the strenghts and skills of each intern before assigning tasks and goals to make the experience more beneficial, enjoyable and educational.

The organization is open to new possibilties with different companies and educational institutions. Contact us for more information. 

"Interning with the DSNNN gave me a whole new perspective about what it takes to run a functional, effective, and worthwhile non-profit organization. I learned so much about outreach, leadership, Down syndrome, and inclusion. I got to work with Club 21, listen to amazing and educational speakers at Family Support Groups, and inform the public about what the DSNNN does and stands for. Everyone involved truly cares about all individuals no matter their disability, and it's an amazing thing to witness"  --Shannon Kozel